By Drs. Rouse

I am tired of not living up to the potential that is ready to be realized. It’s time. You know it for yourself as I know it for me-we have more to live and give up to…and we cannot wait to the time that we think would be better than now. Today and from this day forward we are inciting and supporting a movement. A movement against mediocrity and a movement to support you in getting your awesome on and you have all that you need to actualize your awesome. The road to awesome is less traveled, much more inspiring and all about giving yourself permission to grow your life. I am honored to serve you-here is some empowering food for thought on your journey.

At 6am what is more comfortable-continue to lye on your pillow or get up and put on your running shoes? What is easier- open a bag a chips or wash a bushel of kale? Is it more convenient to lead or follow? To grow, to create, expand and become more awesome in our livingness requires that we challenge the default button and blow away the malaise of mediocrity-choosing instead, to PUSH the NOT EASY button and wage an all out campaign to create great!

Our brains are programmed to seek ease and to make living, thinking and doing more efficient. Knowing that roughly 95% of our daily living behaviors are habitual-it is easy to see how we can fall into a rut and lose our mission and vision for growing, creating and expressing a powerful living groove. In our brains quest to conserve energy, IT goes about its business to make every routine a “no need to think about it” habit as quickly as possible. As a lights out student here to affirm and demonstrate living you’re A Game everyday-you may need to compassionately, yet courageously wake up and look at your daily habits and study the outcomes they are teaching and giving you.

There is inspiring evidence from the scientific community suggesting that our morning routine can truly set the tone for the day and quite possibly a life that is hovering at average or a life’s experience transcending amazing. If you program your morning mindset by the mainstream media-be clear that you are setting up a day of bad news. Anxiety, depression, over consumption of empty calories and all out defensiveness are likely to be your experience du jour-don’t like that show?! You have the power to tune into the media of morning mindfulness and rock a new paradigm of infinite possibility.

You can use the brains program to make habits fast to your advantage and leverage IT’s power now. I have adopted a morning habit of 5 rituals that I lovingly refer to as my HIGH 5-here’s my morning:

  • Up at 5 am (early morning risers are more productive, happy, have less insomnia and are more successful)
  • Meditate, pray, visualize, affirm and set goals/intentions for the day till 5:30 am (each of these practices will expand your brain, lower stress and make your more brilliant in every way)
  • Move with zeal and gratitude (morning movement will increase BDNF-a protein that acts as miracle gro for your brain, increase dopamine which will increase your confidence and motivation)
  • Eat lean proteins and veggies for breakfast-breakfast eaters crush every marker for health from weight management to lower risk for diabetes and heart disease)
  • PDK (perform a public display of kindness before 9am-improves immune function for you and all who watch!)

Your willingness to step up, show up and be force for change begins with your declaration of self care. Your demonstration of this courageous act is vibrant…not violent social activism. Live like you mean it and crush the force field of FLAT-make lights out living your habit for life!

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