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Hello. I’m Rosanna and I work with excited, driven women who want to create a business they love.

Branding and Marketing Strategy are often two of the first topic questions I hear when one of my clients is creating her business. To that end, I thought you might enjoy this Blog “snippet”. If your eyes are still rolling (read: too much to do in one day…), no worries, I can help.

Are these things you’ve had trouble defining or clarifying?

1. How do people see you?

“The interesting thing about your personal brand is it’s never what you say it is, it’s actually what everyone else says it is,” writes founder and chairman of the award-winning matchmaking firm PCBA Paul C. Brunson. “Therefore, the first place to begin in the building and growth of your brand is to know what people think of you.”

Paul adds that you can find out how others view by: “googling yourself, holding a focus group (of close friends), or asking a life coach or business coach to conduct a 360 analysis on your behalf (we do this for all of our clients and it’s very effective).”

2. Build your online platform.

Blogger, author, digital strategist, Rosanna recommends that you, “Build your own online platform such as a blog or website that you own, then amplify your content and engage with your audience on social networks.” Be adds, “Use LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter or even Pinterest and Instagram. You have options. Find what social network resonates with you.” And, don’t feel you must use ALL of them. Do what works for you. Not everyone who Instagrams uses FaceBook and vice-versa. Create content tailored to each reader segment for maximum success!

“The secret. Don’t wait to be perfect. Just start.”

Here are a couple of pointers to keep in mind when creating your brand;

  • Be authentic.
  • Have a unique voice.
  • Build an email list.
  • Have a memorable design.
  • Create a memorable slogan that expresses your mission and purpose
  • Empower your customers

Also don’t forget to harness the power of collaboration (content marketing), guest blogging and networking.




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