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Are You Built To Do MORE?

As you may know, I have an ongoing curiousity about what makes some people  more productive and successful than others.  What motivates them?  How do they cram so much into so little time?  I am mesmerized by it…..

Recently, I read an article in goop sharing the theory of Gretchen Rubin, a former lawyer, and bestselling author of Better Than Before and The Happiness Project The following reveals a bit of her research.

Why do we do certain things, and not others? After dedicating more than a decade to researching human nature and documenting patterns, Rubin came to a profound realization: The key to understanding our actions is how we respond to expectations, of which there are two kinds, outer (i.e. work deadlines, friend requests) and inner (i.e. learning a new language or following through on a resolution). This spawned her personality framework, The Four Tendencies, which categorizes people into four distinct groups according to how we respond to expectations.

It’s also the basis of her (aptly named) latest book, The Four Tendencies, in which she explores each personality type, shedding light on why certain things are easier for some to accomplish, and harder for others–and how we can both better understand ourselves and those around us. It’s as much a fascinating look at human nature as it is a razor-sharp, witty guide to figuring out how we can work around our inherent tendencies to live our best lives.  She gives us some tools, whether we want to learn how to play guitar, be more accountable at work, or simply better understand our partners.

I’ve just purchased these books and am excited about learning more……such an interesting study, right?

Let me know what you think if you read them!


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