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Beer and Pretzels in Hamburg, Germany

Have you heard of ‘wellness beers’? The e-newsletter Lorem Ipsum brought them to my attention. These beers are brewed with sea salts and electrolytes to (loosely) resemble sports drinks (Gatorade), as a so-called healthier way to enjoy a post-workout beer. Just as I was about to get on my soap box and talk about recovering from, rather than with, beers, I realized my daughter has been “accidentally” drinking the top-selling recovery beer for the past year. Sufferfest’s Pilsner was recommended to me last year as a fantastic option that just happens to be gluten-free (and founded by a female brewer – GO girls!). If you’re curious, Bon Appetit recommends Reed’s Ginger Beer. Zelus carries a beer called Post Run, and this IPA contains added potassium (bye bye, leg cramps). Is it a complete oxymoron? Absolutely. But , I also don’t hate the idea of a fresh, post-run brew that also (kinda, sorta) happens to be good for you.

Clever brewers…..gluten-free AND full of nutrients to quench those apres trail run thirsts….

Have you tried any of these beers? Did you like to taste of them?

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