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I thought today we’d chat about health, fitness and wellness. I’m hoping it’s a topic you are all interested in… I feel like it’s something we all struggle with on a daily basis, so why not break it down into more manageable pieces like we do everything else? I’m not a health professional by any means, but I think I can offer encouragement and share what I’ve learned from personal experience.

Making healthy, good living choices is easier said than done if you want my opinion. My intention is to make them, but so often I find myself struggling to get it done. I have a feeling a lot of you know where I’m coming from here. But with it still being sort of new year-ish, I wanted to take some time to reflect on how/what *actually* motivates me to make healthy choices. Because I DO feel like I’ve made gains this year and I’m feeling sort of proud of myself! Hopefully this helps you too – and, I hope you can share whatever you’ve done with us in the comment area.


The thing is, knowing your WHY is just as valuable to health and wellness as it is to business. If you don’t know why you’re working toward something, then it’ll probably make it pretty easy to quit or give up. I’ve worked hard to know my WHY more often before I jump into thing this past year, and it’s truly amazing how much it helps.

When it comes to figuring out your WHY, it’s not a one size fits all thing. Some are more short term like you’re getting married, going on vacation, running in a marathon, etc., which are great, but for making healthy choices to become a lasting habit, focus on the long term. Maybe your WHY is so you can play and run with your kids or it’s to help prevent a disease that’s genetic in your family, or because you want to do all you can to feel your best. Whatever it is, it’s personal to you and your situation. For me, SO much of my WHY is just feeling great and staying healthy (READ: avoiding knee replacements…new shoulders, etc.) – maybe yours, too?

Knowing your WHY lays the foundation for making healthy choices, so really take some time to think about it. Maybe even journal about it? Sometimes when I journal, I’ll suddenly write something that hadn’t occurred to me before and things just click. Very empowering!


I know whenever I make one healthy choice it feels so good and gives me the motivation to make another one. It’s like this magical wildfire that catches on and I try to run with it for as long as I can. What usually throws me off is when I travel or get out of my routine. When I’m home, waking up in my own bed, following my morning routine and having my quiet time, I really get into it. It’s while traveling and visiting new places where I tend to wander off course. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s fine to relax and indulge on vacations (do it all the time), but I have to admit, nothing feels as good as being home and making choices that benefit my long term goal of living well and being healthy. You know what I mean, right? Does travel throw you off?

The bottom line is, if you know you want to start (or continue) making healthy choices, put yourself in the position to do it – make it easy! Maybe do a little less traveling for a while or say no to a few happy hours (I know…unthinkable:). Make the alterations you have to, in order to get that amazing feeling I was talking about catch and let one positive choice lead to another. Let go of the FOMO (don’t these acronyms make me look a little hip and happening…I had to ask my daughter for a translation….she is still shaking her head) and do what you need to do in order to live healthier.



There are two kinds of accountability partners out there. The kind where you just whine a lot to each other about how you’re not reaching your goals and then you go for margaritas or martinis (the two essential “M’s). And the other that holds you to your commitment when you said you’d go to the gym with her at 530 pm on a Friday. If you’re serious about your goals, I’d make sure to opt for option number two. Or maybe even get a personal trainer if it’s in your budget? Or a health coach? Someone who will haunt you FOREVER if you miss a workout date!

Getting to the gym can just be hard some days, though, right? I definitely go up and down with my motivation to workout, but I did write a post a little while back on how you can make it easier to want to get in some exercise. I read it when I need reminding of how simple it can be to just MOVE! Take a walk around your neighborhood. Walk your dog. Jump rope in the back yard. Wear leg weights while gardening or cleaning the house.


Taking baby steps (start where you are and go slowly) are much, much easier to tackle than one giant goal. If I have one giant goal, like working on great abs, for example, I feel so intimidated that I don’t even want to start. Small goals on the other hand, like simply moving my body every day, feel much more doable. So then when I make it to a barre class or go for a walk, I feel like I’ve accomplished something, which leads to that fabulous feeling of winning and getting positive things started.

To visualize your goals, you could start by making a list Sunday evening of the things you want to do the coming week to help motivate you to make healthy choices. Something like this:

  • Go on 3-30 minute walks this week.
  • Make dinner at home 5x a week.
  • Eat something green with every lunch.
  • Be off my phone by 9:00 pm every night. iPad and computer also…
  • Go to a killer core or glute class (or any other exciting, calorie-torching class you choose) at least once

It’s do-able, right? You’ve got this – slay it!


This is when I love the internet. There are so many amazing fitness people online that offer free meal planning / prepping tips, workout ideas and fitness inspiration in general. Make sure you find people who actually inspire you though, not people who unintentionally make you feel like you could never achieve their level of fitness. You want to look at their profile to lift you up, not bring you down. Follow someone with whom you’d have lunch or take a class. Let me know if you’d like to know about some fitness peeps I follow.



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