Fishing in Queensland…obviously ready for “Biggest Catch”!

I’m a Cali (translation: California) gal whose been skiing, working and living the “Rocky Mountain High” in Colorado for more than 20 years.  My background is in Public Relations and Marketing but I’m a card-carrying Travel, Lifestyle and Fitness geek. I want women to know that crossing that 40, 50 whatever line is “no big thing” and certainly NOT limiting! The big plus in getting to this point allows us more time….time to create whatever we have a passion for whether lifestyle or business. This blog was created for those of you who’ve kept that niggling passion alive … waiting until the kids were older….until you had more time….until you felt ready. Well, the time has come. Jump off (you may just fly!) ….it’s gonna be an amazing ride!

So…..Grab some Jo, let’s chat. Let’s celebrate all we’ve been through and the dreams we have yet to realize! I’m sharing fitness, biz, travel and wringing the joy out of EVERY day. I’ve curated some of my favorite health, wellness, beauty, food, style and travel products that work for me ….I’d love to know how they work for you. My intention is to live a life that proves age is just a number. You can do anything! Live well and move A LOT more…

My obsessions are: Fitness, self care, world travel, great HOT (read: frying the heck out of my tongue hot) coffee, biz, my Frenchie and, the color RED. I love real food, cold Champagne, great style and, breaking a sweat (glow) every day at the gym. Let’s not forget that life is for doing, NOT waiting around … make it what YOU want it to be! Let’s stop trying to achieve total BALANCE and embrace the chaos of learning and pushing the boundaries! Women, you can live well and create the life you want! I’m here to share my experiences and cheerlead (it never goes away, right?) You’ve got this! Let’s sip Champagne like it’s a food group. Be grateful. Hug those you love. Live each day like it’s your last. Be YOU and be BUBBLY! Cheers!

Skiing in Vail with Missy K (praying she doesn’t choose Highline again)