Seems like I've had a Marketing & Public Relations Company's been an amazing ride!  I've met talented and innovative people from all over the world.  And, I've discovered that I've had a few interests bubbling away under the surface.  For example, I love the styling aspect of creating a home or office space.  I'm addicted to the movement and endorphins of fitness training and lifting. And, I've always loved taking photos but, am doing a lot more of it as I travel the world.  It seems that one of the benefits of growing "more fabulous" (see what I did there with the "age" thing???) is that you really can do everything you have a passion for.  Absolutely NO limits!  Although I am pretty sure I've always loved creating things in a crazed-rabid sort of way....

So, it's NO surprise to those who've been following along for a while....I've discovered I am a bit of an adrenaline / creation  junkie!  Talk about staying in the game - I don't want to miss anything (ultimate FOMO)! #newfaceof60.  Anything and everything involving movement, action, travel, creating things and styling (and Missy K).  I love flying, golfing, running, lifting, working out, skiing, swimming, photography and walking my dog.  I'm a travel addict and lover of all things RED including wine (its the splash of color you see in many of my spaces).  Spoiler Alert:  I'm bringing back our curated line of girls cotton separates and a brand new shopping experience!  One thing I can say for sure.... I have acquired a lot of wisdom along the way.  For example, don't always believe it when you hire someone who says, "sure, I can _____ for you - in record problem."  I have now come to know you may be in for a very costly bit of "learning".  The good news is you simply take a deep breath and begin again!

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