Rosanna Jenkins Inc.


Like most of you, I’ve been in my field for a long, long time. I’ve seen lots and lots of changes and sparkly new technology along the way….but, I think the one thing that never changes and is SO important is the building of personal relationships.

I began Rx Marketing & PR quite by accident. I had been working with a handful of dynamic entrepreneurs and loved the creative buzz. One day a neighbor of mine commented on my energy and asked if I would consider helping his father who was an Orthodontist and interested in ramping his practice up so he could bring on an associate and, eventually sell and retire.

After just a couple of months working with this practice I began getting calls from other professionals in the dental / medical field. And, as they say, we were off and running – things expanded quite quickly. In the years following, we were referred to artists, authors, gallery owners, physicians of all modalities.

Today, I still work with those dynamic, hard-charging creatives but, I’m committed to working with women internationally. Let’s level the playing field and show them how it’s done! I also do a fair amount speaking and workshops both Internationally and in the US.


Boston, MA – June, 2019

Rio de Janero, Brazil – May, 2019

Belgrade, Serbia – September, 2019

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