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The older I get the more I enjoy spending time sipping a fine wine.  It does not have to be expensive – some of my favorites are less than $20 per bottle.  My tastes have certainly changed – no more sweet wines {sorry Boone’s Farm) and I tend to avoid box wines (they just feel “wrong”, right?).  I do enjoy a nice bottle of wine and an occasional glass of bubbly – Prosecco has been my go-to!  What I find difficult is branching out and trying different varieties and vineyards.   ...

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COCKTAILS, Everyday Living, New Face of 60, Travel

A Piscine in French is “pool”.  So you can imagine my confusion when Dominique (French Goddess we met in Paris this Summer) calmly ordered one from our bartender!  To my surprise, this is what arrived…. It turns out that the ever-chic French have a distinct cocktail they like  ...

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