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Homemade Hummus

I always order Hummus.  I like to eat it with GG crackers, salads or chopped veggies.  But, what I found out pretty quickly is that the pre-packaged kind you buy in the store is FULL of fats and sometimes sugar. Definitely NOT what I want to spend my calories on during meals (I’d much rather have wine).  I found this super easy and healthy Hummus recipe and wanted to share it.  This is a BASIC hummus recipe.  The options to add different veggies and make something new are  ...

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The Skinny Omelette

  The Skinny Omelette 4 Egg Whites 1 Small handful of fresh Spinach 2 T of Pico de Gallo  ( I made my own by chopping up tomatoes and cilantro and a teeny bit of onion and mixed them together) 1/2 Avocado Whisk eggs together and slowly pour into warmed skillet.  Top with ingredients and a  ...

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A Piscine in French is “pool”.  So you can imagine my confusion when Dominique (French Goddess we met in Paris this Summer) calmly ordered one from our bartender!  To my surprise, this is what arrived…. It turns out that the ever-chic French have a distinct cocktail they like  ...

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