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GRABBING A REST – DRINKING GLACIER WATER AT MT COOK GLACIER IN NEW ZEALAND (Personal Note:  THANK GOD I had time to get my hair colored before this shot, right girls?!!!!) How do you know how hard you should be exercising? Your age (and fitness level) is certainly going to affect your workout in order to gain some benefits. I know that there are certain things that I did in my 20’s that are much more challenging to do now that I am in my 60’s (or, at 112!). I came across this article  ...

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Caregiving Plans

There comes a time when you realize your parents are getting older and, no matter how feisty they are, they are going to need some help.  Do you know that approximately 20 million Americans are currently providing care for their aging parents (Statistics by AARP)?  How do you begin to plan for  ...

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Yes, I know, ice cream and fitness appear to be an oxymoron akin to jumbo shrimp. A friend introduced me to this crazy concept. Now, I am personally a rocky road fan preferably with chocolate jimmies (sprinkles) thrown in!   I feel obligated to try this. It REALLY tastes like Ice  ...

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