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Arabelle Club – Vail Some SURPRISING holiday Diet Busters……. This study was published by the New England Journal of Medicine who found participants began to gain weight in October and continued seeing small gains in their weight through the New Year.  Now, before we all start to feel super guilty……it’s called “living well” and “having fun” during the holidays….something we SUPERAGERS find mandatory during the winter months.   ...

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Everyday Living, Meals, New Face of 60

Some of our favorite coffee shops Starbucks, Costa and Caffè Nero, are selling sandwiches with incredibly high salt content, a new report has revealed. And when we say high, we’re talking more than a McDonald’s Big Mac, which contains 2.3g of salt per portion, or a quarter pounder with cheese,  ...

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I eat a lot of salads and love to put dressing on them BUT, I don’t like the idea of wasting my calories (and, increasing my waistline) on the pre-made dressings you buy at the store.  So, I ran across this super-skinny version last weekend and thought I’d share: SUPER SKINNY SALAD  ...

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The Skinny Omelette

  The Skinny Omelette 4 Egg Whites 1 Small handful of fresh Spinach 2 T of Pico de Gallo  ( I made my own by chopping up tomatoes and cilantro and a teeny bit of onion and mixed them together) 1/2 Avocado Whisk eggs together and slowly pour into warmed skillet.  Top with ingredients and a  ...

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