Rosanna Jenkins

Customized Marketing Plan

We will listen carefully to your goals, strengths and weaknesses and combine the marketing strategies that you need for growth NOW. Lack of implementation is the number one reason most marketing plans don’t work. We make implementation easy by providing unparalleled service for you and your team. We provide you with the road map, support and materials to grow your business and keep it running at it’s best.  We will work with you to create an effective custom marketing plan.

What Happens Next?

Step 1
After an initial phone conversation, we’ll provide a custom plan for the next 3 or 6 months. Every month, you’ll receive a report outlining the progress of your marketing campaign. We will also recommend additional marketing ideas as your campaign progresses and your business grows.
Step 2
Both you and your team will be acquiring one new marketing-related strategy each month. At the end of 6 months, you will notice less “no show” appointments, more converted cases, more new clients and a more efficient, confident team.
Why 6 months?
It takes time to get traction with your new marketing campaign. We believe that you will see noticeable results in 6 months. Many times, with your busy schedule, you may start a program and it can fall to the wayside before it even picks up momentum. Six months is enough time for these marketing efforts to take hold and for the team to adjust to our new plan. Although we ask that you allow 6 months to see these results, we can often track them beginning sooner. As soon as we see movement, we report it to you!
How will this attract new patients?
You’ll see an increase in client referrals, clients who find you online, or from a variety of our recommendations. We focus on growing your business from the inside-out. This means we’ll first discover the unique qualities that make you stand out with your perfect client. Each marketing venture will have a specific goal. We will also provide advertising consulting to help you invest in the advertising efforts that will bring you the return on investment.

What Is The Cost Of This Program?

Each plan is customized based on your particular needs and goals.  We shop the industry regularly and know that our prices are incredibly competitive when compared to other marketing companies, and our campaigns get great results.
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