Rosanna Jenkins


Booooo! at the shiny, new CCC Clubhouse

  Happy Halloween! We attended the Scary Scavenger Hunt at Columbine Country Club this year with Wonder Woman and snagged a tour of the shiny, new Clubhouse (two years in the making)!  It’s stunning and made for a great haunted house with goodies and treats hiding in dark, spider-webbed rooms…..but, one needs some energy and a treat bag before the big hunt. Smile powered by 25 pounds of frosting, sprinkles, candy and chocolate for cookie construction. This is the  ...

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The Art of The Elevator Pitch

The “elevator pitch.” This clever phrase refers to one’s ability to summarize their brilliant idea or experience, for a captive audience, in the time it takes an elevator to descend to the lobby. Elevators aside, knowing how to sell yourself succinctly can also prove invaluable during  ...

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