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5 Hacks To Beat Holiday Stress……

5 Hacks To Beat Holiday Stress   Welcome to the most wonderful time of the year when parties, family gatherings, shopping, baking, eating and indulging are all part of the magic of the holiday season. Unfortunately all that fun is often replaced with the stress that we put on ourselves thinking that we have to get everyone the perfect gift, attend every holiday party and cook the most extravagant meal. Hannah Nichols, a writer for Medical News Today, recently wrote an article on how  ...

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My Pet Travel Peeve…..

Here I am staggering around on the Muana Kea Beach with, of course, my Kona Coffee fix & bad hair. If you’re like me, finding the right travel hair dryer is an absolute must. The vast majority of Hotel dryers just don’t cut it – even in 5 star resorts!   I recently came across this article  ...

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