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SANTORINI We recently spent a relaxing 5 days on this gorgeous Island. We stayed at a small boutique hotel named Ikies. The hotel is composed of 11 rooms built into the hillside and overlooking the caldera. Breakfast is served on your own patio. Many of the rooms have their own little soaking  ...

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Fit 36

Have you guys heard about this yet?  My friend Jen, owner of Pilates Studio, talked me into trying this innovative, new workout.  You sign in (they are offering a FREE week right now), get your heart monitor on and enter the “workout station” area.  There are 12 different HIIT stops  ...

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Maine….Part 2

Some more shots of Maine.  They have these incredible, old neighborhoods and all of the homes have these beautiful details and mouldings.  And, of course, a few pics of my continued gluttony……

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Golf…….enough said, right?!

Okay,  Tee time set for 2:00 pm on July 5th…..on the calendar for weeks.  Formerly known as Columbine Country Club – NOW, “The Oven”.  Succeeded in getting in 14….prior to heatstroke our group reported to the pool for the all important “Ice Cold Wine IV  ...

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