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Holiday Rx – Drop a Few LBS FAST!

Tracy Anderson – Fitness Diva Shares Her “Quick Loss” Secrets…….. Ok, it’s that time of year and we are all “sampling” more cookies, cakes and cocktails (see what I did there with the 3 C’s?!), am I right?  If you are like me the old pants (ok…skirts, yoga pants, etc.) are mysteriously shrinking….. Tracy Anderson has been a fixture in LA & NY for decades….her studios are not only stunning to look at but they offer  ...

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My Pet Travel Peeve…..

Here I am staggering around on the Muana Kea Beach with, of course, my Kona Coffee fix & bad hair. If you’re like me, finding the right travel hair dryer is an absolute must. The vast majority of Hotel dryers just don’t cut it – even in 5 star resorts!   I recently came across this article  ...

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