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Golf…….enough said, right?!

Okay,  Tee time set for 2:00 pm on July 5th…..on the calendar for weeks.  Formerly known as Columbine Country Club – NOW, “The Oven”.  Succeeded in getting in 14….prior to heatstroke our group reported to the pool for the all important “Ice Cold Wine IV Infusion” Treatment!!!!  Might be holding off on these late afternoon tee times for a bit.

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The Private Island of Bedarra

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef – Bedarra Island Resort Nothing says Luxury like arriving at Resort by helicopter and that is exactly what you can do when you stay in one of the 9 Villas at Bedarra Island Resort. The resort is located on a private island about 10 miles off the Australian coast  ...

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Kickstart Your EMail List TODAY!

Make 2017 YOUR Year for Email Marketing! Is growing an email list in 2017 toward the top of your business goals? I thought so (and don’t worry, if it isn’t I’ll explain why it needs to be!) Let’s be honest, social media is constantly changing, we can’t keep up with it, and our posts aren’t even  ...

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When In Boston

It’s truly hot and humid on the East Coast this week.  But, couldn’t resist trying one of the jogging routes the Eliot has outlined.  This one is 4 miles.  If you are truly motivated (and had awesome wine and great food last night…..), the 8.5 version may be for you!  ...

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The Big Apple

After a couple of flight delays, arrived to lightening storms and hot, humid weather in New York (think: HUGE hair!).  Had a chance to do a little walking in the city. The final photo is of an amazing restaurant in Soho called “One if by Land”.  Historical and candle-lit with  ...

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