For those who do not know our story……. Par Tee was born out of Missy K’s first golf lesson at the Club. Upon booking our first lesson, Missy decided she needed a new outfit in order to “crush” her first time on the range. Of course, Nana was more than willing to shop. The sacrifices we make, right?

After a couple of hours of total melt-downs and a pretty depressing collection of polyester options, we returned to the Club and asked our Pro about Girl’s clothing in cotton. We were firmly but politely told that it just wasn’t done…….especially in Country Clubs. I can still hear Kendall squealing that “the clothes make me feel slimy…”….. I thought….Nana can fix this! And, with that mission before me……off to Guangzhou we went to produce garments.

After some pretty interesting experiences, we’ve decided to bring back your favorite essentials and add a few new bits of excitement right here in the USA!!!

We hope you enjoy these pieces as much as Miss Kendall does both on and off the course


Missy K at Columbine Country Club