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Business operations, Public Relations, Social Media strategy, or just pure lifestyle talk, we do it all.

Hands On Training

Looking to update the way your employees look at social media, marketing or public relations? We've got the perfect crash course for them.


Need a pair of experienced eyes to help your team advance to the next level? Give us a call.

Speaking Topics

Keys to Social Media Success

Master  key points to leveraging social media to attract, engage, and inform clients. Learn how using social media can benefit you.

Powerful Customized Marketing

Understanding why some marketing works and some does not will put you miles ahead of your competition.

Sale is not a 4-Letter Word

Improve your bottom line and empower your team to influence clients to want the services that they need.  

New Patient Attraction and Conversion Strategies

How forward-thinking professionals are acing the competition through marketing innovation – and what you can do to join them.

Google - Can it work for you?

Harness the powerful programs of Google to your advantage and discover its importance in attracting new clients.

Being Ethical in Turbulent Times - Marketing Solutions

Learn strategies for targeting, attracting and keeping the most profitable and ideal clients in any market.

Starting Your Business & Overcoming Obstacles

A live speaking event aimed at launching new businesses, the steps it involves and how to overcome some of the obstacles in the beginning.

Managing a Business & Raising Kids From Home

A live speaking event aimed at managing a business from home with KIDS! This is a great opportunity to learn how to juggle all things related to kids and a home business.

Finding Your Ideal Client

Finding clients is harder, and sometimes its even harder working with some of the clients you have.  Learn how to find your perfect client.

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