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Let’s just get down to it……I don’t know anyone who is ALWAYS excited about sweating. Sometimes the thought of getting dressed and schlepping to the gym is just too much! I try to do something active everyday……..this works really well if I have fresh powder, Missy K and Vail slopes as motivation. So, to that end, I thought I’d share some teeny little ideas to jump start your motivation (and mine) today. Let me know if it helps or, if you’ve  ...

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The Skinny Omelette

  The Skinny Omelette 4 Egg Whites 1 Small handful of fresh Spinach 2 T of Pico de Gallo  ( I made my own by chopping up tomatoes and cilantro and a teeny bit of onion and mixed them together) 1/2 Avocado Whisk eggs together and slowly pour into warmed skillet.  Top with ingredients and a  ...

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The Art of The Elevator Pitch

The “elevator pitch.” This clever phrase refers to one’s ability to summarize their brilliant idea or experience, for a captive audience, in the time it takes an elevator to descend to the lobby. Elevators aside, knowing how to sell yourself succinctly can also prove invaluable during  ...

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Fit 36

Have you guys heard about this yet?  My friend Jen, owner of Pilates Studio, talked me into trying this innovative, new workout.  You sign in (they are offering a FREE week right now), get your heart monitor on and enter the “workout station” area.  There are 12 different HIIT stops  ...

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